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4 tips How to cut your beard correctly.

Aktualisiert: 1. Okt 2020

A well-cut and styled beard can add a great complement to your personal look. The creative options for styling the facial hair are virtually endless. These are some general techniques and ideas that you should keep in mind when you start.

1. Wash your beard thoroughly.

It is important to start with a clean and dry beard. Your facial hair will be just as greasy as the hair on your head. Therefore you should wash it well so you can cut it accurately.

-Clean your beard in the sink or shower with shampoo and then dab it dry with a towel. Avoid shampoos that dry out the skin.

2. Comb your beard.

The combing loosens the tangled hair and it is easier to cut the beard.

When combing the natural growth direction of your beard, also comb through through the hair that grows along your cheekbones. Start at the ear and move towards the chin.

Do not "break up" the beard by combing against the direction of growth. Just comb your beard. You can later bust the beard with your hands.

3. Start cutting the beard in front of a large mirror.

Make sure you have all the tools ready. You'll need a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer, a comb, a towel and all the products you want to use. You should arrange the devices so that you can easily reach them. You should also have an outlet within easy reach if you want to use an electric beard trimmer.

A mirror with a wide angle or with three windows. He will be very helpful in recognizing the hard-to-reach areas of your beard.

4. Prepare a collection area for the beard cut.

Clogging your shower with the tiny hairs is a great way to irritate your roommates. It is also very difficult and frustrating to clean the short hairpieces after cutting. Save the annoying work after cutting by making some preparations.

Take a small garbage bag to collect the loose hair.

Spread out a newspaper or a towel to catch the hair.

If you have a stable, fixed mirror, you can cut your beard outdoors. The cut hair will simply fly off.

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