3 tips on how to care your beard trimmer.

Only a well-groomed beard trimmer, guarantees the perfect cut, so the care of the beard trimmer is very important. Here are 3 tips how to care for him perfectly.

1.Clean your beard trimmer.

Most beard trimmers are supplied with a care kit that also contains a small brush. Brush the excess hair off the blades and attachments after each shave. This will make sure that the old hair can not accumulate and get inside the unit, where it can interfere with the functioning of the engine.

If your beard trimmer was not supplied with a brush, you can use an old toothbrush or a bristly pipe cleaner for cleaning.

2. Keep your beard trimmer sharp.

Most beard trimmers also contain a small bottle of lubricant or mineral oil. After some beard cuts, you should first clean the blades with the brush and then apply a drop of oil to the teeth of the beard trimmer. Turn on the beard trimmer for 20 seconds. In this way, the oil can spread along the blades and they remain sharp and smooth.

If no lubricant is included in the care kit, you should ask the manufacturer for advice. Most ordinary lubricants are not suitable for the beard trimmer and can affect its functionality.

3. Prepare for the usual problems.

The well-maintained beard trimmers will only give you a few difficulties. As with any electrical device, the beard trimmer may occasionally interfere with its operation. These are some of the common difficulties and solutions that can occur:

"My beard trimmer makes a very loud and growling noise." Many beard trimmers have a setting for the voltage regulated by a screw on the side of the unit. It can be adjusted very easily with a tool that comes with the device or it can also be manipulated with a screwdriver. Experiment with the settings in all directions until the noise stops. There is no risk of electric shock.

"My beard trimmer does not cut my hair." Your beard trimmer may not be sharp enough or the internal engine may have lost power. Make sure the unit is cleaned regularly and the blades are oiled. If your beard trimmer slows down a bit, it can be a problem with the engine, and you may have to replace your beard trimmer with a new one. Consult the manufacturer and inquire about the warranty terms.

Your hair may just be too thick. Clean the blades of clogged hair and try flatter cuts again.

"My beard trimmer does not hold the electric charge." Over time, the condition of the battery in the portable beard trimmer may deteriorate. Most manufacturers can replace them. Ask your manufacturer for more information.

"The blades of my beard trimmer have bent." It is possible that the blades of a beard trimmer are pushed out of the guide. It will not be very difficult to put them back in the right position, but according to the structure and model of your beard trimmer, the process will be different. Fortunately, most manufacturers have online instructions for inserting the blades. They are easy to find for an amateur or inventor.

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