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6 tips on how to shave a clean line.

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Choose a style with clean lines. Many styles of beards make a dramatic contrast to the clean abrupt lines where the hair ends and the skin begins. Even if you are not anxious to astonish someone, you may still want to fix your facial hair from time to time. This process can be very simple and limited to the removal of unwanted hair in the neck. But it can also be very demanding when it comes to aligning and shortening your cheekbear, so that it has the same length on both sides. Whatever your beard cutting needs, you should have an idea of ​​what you want to do in advance. The razors reach to the bare skin and bigger mistakes can completely change your style.

There is no right way to get a beard into shape. The most common beard styles are cared for by shaving the neck under the chin and the lower part of the cheeks to avoid a "rampant" style. Decide what's best for you.

1. Take a razor.

In the past, shaving was done with a straight, well-kept razor. Today, almost every supermarket carries safe plastic shavers. It depends on you what you want to use to care for and maintain your clean lines. The safe razors are inexpensive, lightweight and convincing, but some men prefer the precision of a classic razor blade. For more information you can write us an email to help you with the right choice.

2. Prepare your beard for shaving.

 Your goal is to get your beard (and especially the areas around it where you want to clean the lines) warm and soft. The beard is easier to cut and work on when softer. This step allows you some variations. These are the most common methods:

Inject some hot water into your face. If you have a soft beard (or you are particularly brave), no further preparation is needed, although you may want to repeat this step if necessary to keep your beard warm and moist.

Use warm water and soap. This is the most common method. Inject the hot water on top of your face and then work the shaving cream or oil in the places you want to shave. If you have time, you can leave the products for a minute or two and your shave will be even more comfortable.

Use a hot towel. If you have time, this method can be very relaxing. Wrap a warm, damp towel around your head so that it covers your beard. Let it work until it is cold. Remove it, put on the shaving cream and shave.

Many men like to shower before (or while) they shave because the shower is a constant source of warm water. If this sounds attractive to you, then you should think about buying a small mirror for the shower so you can shave more precisely.

3. Begin your shave one centimeter from the beard line.

Be a bit conservative. That way, you have some "headroom" when shaving a strip that's too big.

When you use shaving cream, you can not tell where you are cutting. It's okay if you wipe away some of it with your finger. Even a thin layer of shaving cream will suffice.

4.Shave to your desired beard line.

Work with a few different directions while shaving, as long as they are not painful or directed directly against the growth direction of your beard. The stripes that run parallel to your beard can be handy on larger surfaces, whereas shaving against the beard line allows for accurate shaving and minor corrections.

5.Repeat the process on the other side of your face.

  A mirror and a good light are essential. You should be able to see all parts of your face clearly if you want a perfectly symmetrical shave.

6.Remove the remaining shaving cream and rinse your face with cold water.

The cold water gathers the pores of the skin and helps to stop the bleeding from small cuts and scratches.

When your face is flushed, you will be able to recognize the small inequalities and the places you have forgotten. Usually, the small corrections can be done without having to re-apply shaving cream.

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